NEW FunCity Arcadium NEW GAMES! 

Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Edition will get you moving! The World’s No. 1 Dance Simulation Game features over 100 new songs (total 500 songs)! The largest volume of the Pump It Up series ever!


SEGA ATV Slam features a life-size, realistic quadbike with huge lit wheels,

chrome engine, stylish liveries and awesome lighting effects. It allows

players to experience all of the bumps and the feel of being on a real dirt track.


In Monopoly Roll To Go players SKILLFULLY spin the LED Lit dice to land on

properties. Collect the same color family to win a MONOPOLY BONUS.


New XD Theater Movie, Dino Safari You expected a quiet tour? No way!

A poacher kidnapped a baby dinosaur, let’s pursuit him in a high-speed race!

Will you survive a barrage of deadly dinosaur encounters to free the captive creature and escape?