Burlington Express Jackpot

Burlington Express Jackpot
Winning is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… or any of your favorite 5 numbers. Pick your lucky digits, or let us pick for you. Watch for Bonus Wins!

Go to Player Services and pick your numbers. You can change your numbers anytime.


Use your Players’ Club card at slots or tables.

Must be actively playing at time of drawing to qualify.


When you hear train whistles, look up! Digital screens across the casino will show 5 random numbers. Match just 2 numbers and…


Match 2 – 4 numbers, win an automatic Free Play prize! Match ALL 5 numbers and win $10,000 CASH!

See prize levels below.


Silver, Gold and Platinum Players’ Club members can win even more!

See prize levels below.

Burlington Express Jackpot Prize Grid

The Burlington Express Jackpot at Catfish Bend Casino is a number matching promotion that awards prizes based on the outcome of a random selection of five numbers between zero (0) and nine (9). Purpose and intent of the Burlington Express Jackpot is to offer additional rewards for members of the Catfish Bend Casino Players’ Club.

A Player’s Club account is assigned a random five-digit number. The five-digit number belongs to the owner of the specific Players’ Club account to which it is assigned. A player may keep the assigned number or change it to any number desired. Once the player sets his or her number, the number stays with the player’s account until the player changes it. Numbers may be changed as often as the player desires.

Players’ Club card must be actively in play when the Burlington Express Jackpot promotion triggers.

At random times throughout the gaming day, the Burlington Express Jackpot promotion will be triggered across the entire casino on machines displaying the Burlington Express Jackpot tag.

Machines displaying a yellow tag “This Machine DOES NOT participate in the Burlington Express Jackpot” are not eligible.

Patrons will hear train sounds and animated Burlington Express graphics will appear on casino monitors and on Namb2 displays at participating slot machines announcing the Burlington Express is rolling in at Catfish Bend Casino.

Random bonus Free Play awards are determined based on the player’s numbers matching the Burlington Express numbers. Numbers must appear in the correct positions to qualify. Free Play awards are credited to the Players’ Club account to which the numbers are assigned or selected.

Free Play prizes are awarded when two (2), three (3) or four (4) numbers are matched in the order in which they appear. Burlington Express Jackpots are multiplied according to Players’ Club level. Silver receive 2x the prize, Gold receive 3x the prize and Platinum receive 4x the prize when matching 2, 3, or 4 numbers. Free Play is automatically credited to the Players’ Club account matching the Burlington Express numbers. Unused Free Play prizes expire 30 days from time of issue.

The top prize of $10,000 cash is not multiplied. There is only ONE (1) $10,000 cash prize per round. Should more than one qualifying Players’ Club member match 5 numbers in the same round, the $10,000 cash prize will be divided equally among the eligible winners.

Identification will be required to collect the top award cash prize. State tax will be withheld from the cash prize. Applicable offsets imposed by the State of Iowa will be withheld from winnings. Players’ Club member must be eligible to win prizes in the State of Iowa.

Catfish Bend Casino recommends that all Players’ Club members use only their own Players’ Club Card.

Each person who chooses to participate in the Burlington Express Jackpot promotion is responsible for reading and understanding the rules of the promotion.